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sql Task


The sql task lets you execute a SQL script with one or many statements. This is useful for executing UPDATE statements for example, that wouldn't be covered by autosql.

Defining sql Tasks

A sql task is defined as follows:


  type: sql
  file_name: sql_task.sql

A sql task is defined by the following attributes:

  • file_name: the path to a file within the sql folder of the project's root. When defining sql groups in project.yaml this property needs to be a glob expression, for example group/*.sql.
  • db: the (optional) destination database.


By default the task is executed in the database defined by default_db in project.yaml. db can be specified to change this, in which case the connection specified needs to:

  • Be a credential from the required_credentials list in project.yaml.
  • Be defined in your settings.yaml.
  • Be one of the supported databases.


The sql code can use the src and out macros to implicitly create task dependencies as decribed in database objects.

Config macro

Like autosql tasks, we can overload some values specified in the YAML. This is useful when we define groups in project.yaml and for a specific task we need to make a configuration change like the tags. To use this we simply call config from a Jinja tag within the sql file:

autosql with config

{{ config(tags=['creation_tasks']) }}


The above code will override the value of tags setting defined in YAML so we can filter on a group of tasks when running SAYN. Other properties are available for overloading for advanced use cases: parents, outputs and sources.