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Settings: project.yaml

The project.yaml defines the core components of the SAYN project. It is shared across all collaborators.


  - warehouse

default_db: warehouse

schema_prefix: analytics

  user_prefix: ''
  schema_logs: analytics_logs
  schema_staging: analytics_staging
  schema_models: analytics_models

    type: sql
    file_name: '{{ }}.sql'

    type: sql
    file_name: "group1/*.sql"
Property Description Default
required_credentials The list of credentials used by the project. Credentials details are defined the settings.yaml file. Required
default_db The credential used by default by sql and autosql tasks. Entry in required_credentials if only 1 defined
parameters Project parameters used to make the tasks dynamic. They are overwritten by profile parameters in settings.yaml. See the Parameters section for more details.
presets Defines preset task structures so task can inherit attributes from those presets directly. See the Presets section for more details.
groups Defines groups that automatically generate tasks based on a list of files or a python module. See the task overview and python tasks for more details.
prefix/suffix/override Settings to modify database object references